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A little post from Megan and Kristin at Swankey Events regarding keeping your guests engaged, while at the wedding.

Have you ever been to a wedding where you had to wait? If you’ve been to a few weddings in your lifetime, then chances are you have.

Sometimes it’s because the wedding ceremony and the reception are at the same venue and they need to make a switcharoo to accommodate the reception.

Other times it’s transportation issues. Hey, you try getting from one place to another in drapy grown. Being gorgeous takes work.

Often times, it’s the photography. Photographers are geniuses (well, most), but they aren’t magicians. They don’t have a magic wand that will magically snap good quality photos of the wedding party in five minutes. Most photographers do have decent time management skills and will take the photos they can before the ceremony. Some, like the ones with the entire wedding party, often have to wait to be taken until after the bride and groom have seen each other.

Thus, event planners, brides, and grooms (mostly brides), are always searching for ways to keep their guests entertained in the transitional moments of a wedding or event. Cocktail hours, hors d’oeuvres, dancing, and slideshows of the bride and groom are just some of the examples to keep wedding guests preoccupied.

There is a new trend in the house though – you might be a bit surprised. Scroll down for some awesome examples!

This crossword puzzle was created using from fun facts about the bride and groom is from a wedding featured on Style Me Pretty.

The next five images are from a fun wedding featured on Southern Weddings, which you can see here and here.

This couple had fun DIY watercolor kits that guests were able to take home or paint right at the reception if their heart desired.

On the paper to the right, which served as the RSVP card, it says, “Draw us your meaning of love.”

And here are those RSVP cards the guests sent back. The bride and groom proudly displayed them at the reception.

A program of fun facts about the wedding party and their relation to the bride and groom – as well as a cute little diagram of bride and groom’s courtship.

Word search puzzles!!

Not only do these elements serve as entertainment to keep guests occupied, but also can serve as wedding favors and as a chance to get to know the bride and groom even better! In addition, it’s a nice way to really include your guests on your big day. Not to mention, the bride and groom get some cool take aways (like the RSVP artwork) from the day as well.

A bonus: I read at this same “art of love” wedding that they hired an artist to paint a six-ft mural of the wedding party and even bought enough brushes so that all the guests could contribute too! The bride and groom hung the mural up in their home so that they could forever have the memory of their day.

A special thanks to Swankey Events for the blog post.

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